Poetry Readings


Poetry is often most appreciated by people who view written language as a form of art. However, people who do not have a natural inclination toward reading poetry will find much of what they read to be frustrating at times. This is certainly true regarding poetry and the ways in which it bears relevance to children. When children are forced to read poetry, they often become confused by he language. The good news is that the earlier that children become exposed to poetry, the more likely they will come to appreciate it. One of the best ways to get children actively involved with poetry, is to conduct poetry readings.

When you conduct poetry readings you need to be careful to select poetry which appeals to the children who are listening to you. Many poems do a great job of providing a moral or tale for children. One such example is a poem called, Conversation From A Leaf. This poem is a great choice for children because it also comes with an illustration. The poem depicts a conversation between an adult butterfly and it’ son, who is still a caterpillar. It provides a valuable lesson about the different personality and physical traits that all people tend to experience throughout life. Children tend to respond to poetry readings when they are interested in the subject matter. It is important to relate a poem to something which has meaning for them. This keeps their attention and it makes them listen much more carefully.