How To Get Kids Interested In Reading


When reading is forced upon kids it becomes a chore. Unfortunately, some teachers and parents think the best way to get kids to read is to make them read predetermined texts and novels. If kids are told that they have to read a book for a book report, and they have little choice in the matter, then they will ultimately shy away from reading. Kids should be made to feel that reading is something that is fun. Establishing reading as an activity which fosters growth and encouragement is the best way to get kids much more interested in reading.

Kids who have choices in their reading selections often find that they love to read. While there should be some degree of guidance in regard to reading material at home or within school, choice is still the most important factor. Consider the times in which you personally had to read material which was boring. Perhaps it was a long-winded instruction manual or a dissertation. Dissertations are long and formal, and there is not much creativity involved. Now consider the way kids feel when they have to read selections which have been chosen for them. Providing choice is an option which must be considered.

Some kids simply have trouble with the vocabulary within certain types of text. They become frustrated, and then they eventually associate all types of reading with frustration. The best way to curb this issue is to help kids to develop a more comprehensive vocabulary. This is achieved through help after school, or through special programs. Kids who have intellectual disabilities tend to benefit the most from direct vocabulary instruction. They also benefit from associating new vocabulary with illustrations. Once kids begin to apply new vocabulary to the texts they read, they ultimately begin to enjoy reading much more.

Always offer encouragement when kids reach certain reading goals. Teachers often set these goals for kids to meet, but parents can take the same type of action. Accelerated Reader tests are designed to determine reading levels for kids. They earn points when they pass tests which come at the end of reading assignments. This opens new doors into more reading options. It allows kids to become more comfortable with their reading choices as well. When kids see other peers getting encouragement or rewards for meeting reading goals, they strive to meet those same goals.

It is important to remember that there are many different types of texts available for kids to read. These texts come in different forms. While society places an emphasis on novel studies within schools, kids should also be encouraged to read any type of text which interests them. A magazine, for example, is not a bad choice at all. As long as the magazine has articles to read, then kids stand to develop their vocabularies on a much larger scale. It allows them to apply their new knowledge whenever they transfer their ideas to other forms of print information.